The Principal of imSterling International Media & Management is Steve Sterling. His professional experiences include many award winning & award nominated projects as well as being a co-inventor of two software patents. He works closely with start-ups as well as top 100 entertainment corporations. He has initiated, strategized and/or managed profitable results for a wide range of entertainment companies, Producers, intellectual property Creators and rights holders as well as Software Developers. He has been a key player in hundreds of productions, distribution deals, performance agreements, multi-million dollar budgets and tens of millions of dollars of revenue.

"The company is driven to define and unlock the value for every possible extension of any intellectual property."

The professionals who work with imSterling have a history of success in: 

  1. live stage and television productions; 
  2. creative development; 
  3. rights acquisition for new (or existing) intellectual properties; 
  4. small and large scale production planning & control; 
  5. marketing via traditional or digital media; 
  6. distribution via television, direct-to-home, web and wireless platforms.

Who We Are

imSterling International Media & Management is a collective of highly experienced entertainment specialists whose expertise provide entertainment clients, partners and intellectual property creators/owners with a full range of capabilities for the development, rights acquisition, production, merchandising, marketing and/or distribution of entertainment properties. We work across all channels of digital and traditional media. The company can play a leading or supporting role for our clients or partners who need specialized expertise to succeed.